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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Protection from cyberattacks

You hear each day in the news about the increase in violence, crime, and theft. Should these instances hit “home” and affect your business one day, owners would be sure to protect their employees and business assets in the way of security cameras, new locks, or security guards on site to help those encountering the business to feel safer. I want to propose to you today that businesses need to be as vigilant when protecting against cyberattacks.

Due to the nature of Cybersecurity attacks and the lack of visible evidence against a business or organization, these attacks are not as widely reported. If they are reported, its only because a hack has already happened, and the damage has already been done. Had the business had increased security protection in place before the attack, the hack could have possibly been prevented or at least contained better.

Each cyberattack reduces efficiency and productivity. Should a hacker get into your system, this could be very costly for your organization. So, it’s important to also allocate a budget to help protect your organization from cyberattacks just as you would from a physical attack.

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I have created a video about the subject for you to enjoy.

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