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Real Talk Real Estate: Going Green

The perceived job of a realtor is either intriguing to another, who wanted to try it, or it is etched with sales.

I think we can all agree that some “salesmen” may not have the best reputation—and because of that may dissuade others from that career.

Before I talk about going green and shift to the purpose of this article, here is the 411 on what type of knowledge and experience a good realtor will have.


In my profession I have to wear many hats and I know working moms can relate to this.

I have had to be well versed in financials and accounting, design and décor, repairs and remodeling, negotiating with every type of person, counseling and advising – both for relationships and situational loss, time management, cleaning and disinfecting, marketing and graphics, special events, first time experiences, legal direction, land management, property management, tenants and landlords, county and government issues, city growth and code enforcement, utilities, moving and storage solutions, and I can honestly keep going.

The bottom line is when you see or have a Realtor, you are not working with someone who is in sales. You are working with a living resource that should bring you peace of mind and ease through what is commonly the biggest investment you will ever make. Don’t do that alone or with someone you don’t trust and like.

Now onto going green— and I’m not talking about “money.” Add to my previous list gardener and indoor air specialist! You see, all I want you to do is add some live plants to your indoor space. Did you know that indoor plants have tons of benefits? We all live such busy lives and neglect the little things. According to me, and more respectfully here are 7 benefits of indoor plants.

  1. Indoor plants may help reduce stress levels. I know we all can use some stress detox in our lives.
  2. Real plants may sharpen your attention. Now I am not anti-fake greenery, as those who really know me can attest to. So, if you like greenery, mix it up and have both!
  3. Working with plants can be therapeutic. “Researchers have used horticultural therapy to increase feelings of well-being among people with depressionanxietydementia, and other conditions” healthline post
  4. Plants may help you recover from illness faster. When they did this study, they focused on hospitals with greenery and not homes, but I would bet it will work in any environment.
  5. Plants may boost your productivity. “Multiple studies have found that plants in the workspace increase both productivity and creativity. One frequently cited study from 1996found that students in a campus computer lab worked 12 percent faster and were less stressed when plants were placed nearby.” healthline post
  6. Plants may improve your whole outlook on work. Amen, Right!
  7. Plants may improve the quality of indoor air. This has always been known to me. Real plants are scrubbing contaminates from the air continuously. While you may not be able to have enough in your home to see any difference due to the volume of space compared to the number of plants, it is appealing to know that these living plants are beautiful and serve a great purpose.

What does any of this have to do with real estate? Well, making your home become your favorite place is my goal. I want it to be a retreat that you love at the end of the day. Plants add value to your life, and for staging purposes they make a space beautiful. If you decide to add indoor plants to your life, please make sure you investigate which ones are best for you. Some indoor plants are harmful or poisonous to pets and people. Last piece of advice for any plant you have, don’t over water. I think this kills them faster than never watering, I know this from real life experience, not because I am a professional gardener!

Shawna Woodward has been selling, buying, and managing residential real estate in the CSRA market since 2005 and loves all aspects of this business! Her son Braydon and her have created MHPAUGUSTA, which stands for Miracle Home Partners.

They make an average donation of $150 on behalf of each client they complete a transaction with. All donations stay here in Augusta at our local hospital.

Shawna has achieved the Re/Max Hall of Fame status, and consistently reaches the 100% club level or higher every year. You can email or visit or call 706-399-8707.

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