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Security in the fast-paced computer world

Computers used to take a lot of maintenance to keep up and run efficiently. For instance, running defrag checks and checks lists regularly, was necessary. Then, you would need to keep the hard drives free by cleaning them up and deleting old files.

Today’s computers have changed a great deal with the introduction of higher GB storage drives. We have seen that with the 250-500 GB fast SSD storage drive, there is plenty of room and files do not normally impact performance much as that starts to fill.

From a security standpoint for your business network, you want to restrict computers to having just the line of business applications downloaded and installed because any extra applications can be a potential threat to your network. Make sure to keep applications that are on the system updated with Windows features/updates downloaded and current.

To limit the applications that are downloaded onto your system, you can set up the system to require the approval of supervisors in order for a particular piece of software to be downloaded and installed on each computer on a case-by-case basis. By putting these safeguards in place, you are getting ahead of most issues that may arise from dangerous software and slowing down threats.

We can help you implement that second layer of security for your network by establishing a remote surveillance process that will continually monitor your system and require authentication when folks are looking to download new software on their system. If you need help with that, just let us know. 803-279-1100 or email us at

I have also created a video about computer maintenance you can look at below:

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