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The Gift of Time

Stacy Roberts, DBA, Lecturer of Management,
AU Hull College of Business

Confession: One of my biggest pet peeves is being late. I recently participated in an icebreaker with a leadership group, and my fun fact was my disdain for tardiness. When explaining my reason, I told my group, “Every second you live, you are closer to dying, and you never know when that moment will come. So, just don’t waste time.”

Extreme, I know. We laughed collectively about my rigidness, and now my leadership group jokes to not be late or “you know who” will get mad. Although I know it happens at times due to situations out of our control, habitual and avoidable tardiness is one of those things that I don’t have a lot of tolerance for.

The past 18 months have reminded us about the value of time and making memories with those who matter to us. Just as quickly as a minute graces us, it passes, never to be seen again. Time is truly a gift that some underestimate. Leaders, I want to encourage you on three things concerning the value of time.

  • Use it wisely. Time is one of the most precious gifts that we have been blessed with. Planning, being organized, and honoring time helps leaders grow and develop within their roles. This also assists in the development of teams and organizations. Leaders who spend their time wisely and honor the time of others have the potential to accomplish more in their organizations to include increased productivity and profit, hiring and development of employees, and the achievement of their organizational goals.
  • Work on your time management. Whether it was due to our decisions or unforeseen events, we all have been guilty of not being on time. It happens! However, there are those who are constantly tardy and many times this impacts the people we work with. If this has been an area for improvement, I encourage you to make the effort to go over and beyond to get a firm hold on your time management. It can be small steps such as keeping a calendar, planning your week on Sunday nights, tasking items out that your team can assist with, and saying no so you won’t be overwhelmed. By doing this, we can make sure our days are productive, and we don’t overlook the next point.
  • Remember to take time for what really matters. Yes, work is important, and we have commitments in our jobs and communities. It is important to manage your time wisely to follow through with your obligations. However, don’t forget to take time to rest and recharge so that you can remain effective. Don’t overlook the valuable time spent with your family and friends because some moments aren’t worth missing.

How we decide to use our time ultimately determines every aspect of our lives. Enjoy this priceless gift we were blessed with. Make it count, and don’t take a second for granted.

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