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Augusta real estate brokers to redevelop historic Florida property

Summer House Real Estate brokers James and Jenny Schaffer have a flair for making people feel “at home”. Their boutique, three-story office on the 2600 block of Washington Road is part real estate office and part venue for the community. The Schaffers are also huge proponents of preserving the environment as evidenced by their gifts to the Water Mission Project.

Jenny and James Schaffer are the brokers who own Summer House Realty on Washington Road in National Hills. The charm of this building also includes a rooftop gathering place. (photo from Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce)

It is with that same spirit of intention that they purchased the historic Standard Marine building in Fernandina Beach, Florida on Friday, June 18th.

Jenny Schaffer, who also brokers an office in Fernandina Beach spoke to the hometown newspaper and told a reporter she has been interested in this property for many years and is excited to begin the transformation process with the guidance of the Historic District Planner along with their architect and contractor. 

The Schaffers will be working with Historic District Planners of Fernandina Beach to maintain the historical features while modernizing the building and its uses. (photo from Fernandina Beach Observer)


“We want to do it right so it will stand strong for future generations,” she wrote to the Fernandina Beach Observer.

The Schaffer’s lease out Summer House Realty as a venue for the community and plan to do the same with their new Florida property. The Washington Road location is across from Olive Garden Restaurant. (photo from Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce)

The Schaffer’s experience renting out their Washington Road building in Augusta will be of help for their Florida plans. Augustans have had rehearsal dinners and other events and used the bottom, top floor, and rooftop terrace.

The Schaffers expect future retail, gathering, and café space with an expansive courtyard and water-view rooftop venue at the site of the former Standard Marine Building.

Jenny told the Fernandina newspaper, “We appreciate the tremendous positive response from the community and look forward to bringing this iconic building back to life. It will be a space for businesses to thrive and the community to make memories.”

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