Tue, April 23, 2024

Augusta sees Black History Month tourism boost

Today may be the last day of the month of Black History Month and a special Electric Vehicle promotion—but Destination Augusta CEO and President, Bennish Brown thinks the AAA travel troupe saved the best for last!

At a news conference at the Augusta Tourism Center’s headquarters, Brown, representatives from the Augusta mayor’s office and the Lucy Craft Laney Museum shared with the AAA how important this unique program is.

“AAA is a brand that shouts reliability and they know how to partner with businesses to save money on goods and services. They represent a spirit of travel and adventure. You have to be innovative, to grow and thrive. We are grateful to be included in a forward-thinking tour book,” said Brown.

AAA produced a 24-page and online magazine.


The booklet highlights Black History treasures to visit across the state and encourages stops in Augusta at many destinations including a few James Brown landmarks, the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area, the Augusta Museum of History, and more. AAA also provided useful tips for those interested in the benefits of driving an electric vehicle.

“We love to talk about the future, sustainability, and a cleaner environment. We look forward to visiting sites while in Augusta and to celebrating Black History Month 365 days a year,” said AAA Public Affairs Director, Garrett Townsend.

Townsend even drove this Tesla from city to city to show the benefits of going electric. The Mayor’s Chief of Staff, Jasmine Sims shared the City of Augusta’s Green Augusta Initiative to expand the EV Charger infrastructure and said charging stations are functional at the Municipal Building and Diamond Lakes.

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