Fri, April 12, 2024

Be wary of QuickBooks scam

Every morning, you come into the office, turn on your computer and begin catching up on emails from overnight. You see a QuickBooks invoice email that you were expecting (or so you think) and click on it and BOOM, you are taken to a site you never intended to visit with just the click of your mouse.
To protect your organization from such instances, you need good spam ware protection. There are many options out there to choose from for protection, but one feature you need to be looking for is a URL re-writing service. This service tests your link at the time it is clicked to make sure it will take you to the site that you are intending to go to.

The above scenario was an actual event that occurred for one of our clients not too long ago. We were able to stop and contain the threat from the breach quickly, but instances like this are very common and you need to protect your organization before it’s too late. Had this organization not had a plan in place to take care of the breach when it occurred, then the damage could have been a lot worse.

We at Cross Link Consulting want to be your go-to support team for Cybersecurity and IT for your organization. We are your friendly service providers on your side against hackers. Let us know if we can help protect your organization at 803-279-1100 or email us at


I have created this video to give you some more details.

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