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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Best tracking tips for business events

ABD’s Expo is coming up on May 17th and many other businesses are gearing up for a summer of events as well. One of the biggest parts of the event is RSVPs and tickets. Making the check-in process easy and quick is important. You may be wondering what types of technology can help you plan your next event.

ABD has used a few different software programs to track our events. One option is from Google. They have a powerful combination of software that, when used in tandem, can be a pretty good option for your tracking purposes.

If you have a Gmail account, you can access a plethora of productivity technology. Two such software is Google Forms and Google Sheets. We have used this tandem to create an RSVP form for certain events.

First, you create the form using Google Forms to contain the questions on which you would like to get feedback.

Next, you will then go to the top of the form and select “Responses.” Then, you will need to go to the menu button (3 dots drop-down menu on the right) and it will give you the options you see in the screenshot above. When you select that menu, you can “select a destination for responses.” This is the menu where you can choose to either add the responses to an already created Google Sheet that you already have OR you can select to create a new one. I usually create a new one and label it. You can make any changes you need to make to the form when you go back to the original file and the changes will be made available in real-time. You will see a share button at the upper right that will allow you to share your form and obtain more form registrants.

Once you have your form set up, from that point, you can go over to Google Sheets to track the RSVP responses. Automatically, the software will create columns for each of your questions and then list each new person who fills out your form, allowing you to track your respondents. This software also has a share button too, to allow your team to see the RSVP respondents in real-time.

We have used this software for many different reasons, both internally and externally, and find that it works well. When we used it for one of our events for registering folks, we did find that we got a lot of respondents because it was easy to use, but it did not meet all our needs as we could not send out check-in emails when folks registered, nor was it connected to the Expo information. However, the options are endless for this powerful tandem of software that I hope you will check out. Let me know if you have any questions about how to set these up for your business.

Erin Campbell has worked in and around technology, media, and digital marketing in some aspects throughout her entire career. She loves being able to share that knowledge with you to help you succeed in business and in your career.

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