Fri, June 21, 2024

Blocking all the spam

Cyberthreats are all around us and the primary threat vector for your business is email. This method of attack is the easiest way for hackers to attack your system. Employees will run across emails enticing them to click on links that would lead them to corrupt sites that would infect your network.

To combat these attacks, good spam software is important. That software must include URL rewrites to make sure your email is as protected as possible. For example, you have a link in your email and see that it is from and the link is to a Google Drive. URL re-writer will take that link when it’s clicked on and re-direct you to a safe location if they find that the link is taking you to an unsafe site. Re-directs occur based on known threats. New threats would still be left undirected and could still cause harm.

Nothing prevents your organization totally. You need to have a plan in place to train employees on what to look for when they get emails. They need to be able to tell if a link is safe before clicking on it. There are usually signs. Training is going to be your best defense against hackers. To protect your organization, let Cross Link Consulting help you develop your employee training plan and implement the best software options for protecting your network against hackers.

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