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Chamber hosts roundtable for business owners

The owner of a fledgling business in North Augusta is looking for advice on drawing customers to her website.

Kizzy Harris started her business about a year ago. Little Mizz Cutties is a web-based, kid’s boutique offering clothing, seasonal items, and accessories.

“I sell kids clothing from infants to maybe five, six seven. I’m looking for ways to learn how to promote my business more to get more revenue,” she said. “I’m interested in different grants and stuff for small businesses. So, I’m just out here trying to get ideas on how to promote my business and make it better.”


Although not a member, Harris attended the August 23 Small Business Roundtable meeting offered by the North Augusta Chamber of Commerce. The monthly event is offered to give small business owners the chance to share ideas and concerns, along with offering advice on ways to grow their businesses.

The roundtable is targeted toward small businesses, however, representatives from some of North Augusta’s larger companies, including Security Federal Bank and SRP Federal Credit Union, also attend.

Lee Byrd, an ambassador for the North Augusta Chamber, said that kind of cross-section of businesspeople can be particularly beneficial.

“It’s very valuable because she gets to meet people, she gets to put out what she’s doing, to let people know what she’s selling, and what type of business she has,” he said.

Currently, Harris operates her business out of her home. She would like to one day have a brick-and-mortar store, but that’s out of reach financially.

Harris said when she first started her web-based store, interest and sales were high. However, she said there’s been a decline in traffic and sales. She has heard the same thing from other similar business owners.

“I’m on several Facebook groups, with other small boutiques and children’s boutiques,” she said. “We’ve been seeing a struggle with sales lately, because of these different online shops like Shein and Temu selling the same type of products that we’re selling, but dirt cheap. So, it’s been a struggle for us.”

Small business owner, Kizzy Harris, attended the Chamber’s roundtable discussion.

Harris received advice on how to market herself and her business, how to drive traffic to her website, and how to maximize and monetize her presence on social media.

“Everything has been really helpful. I took some notes, and I’m going to look into some things. I really enjoyed this roundtable,” she said, adding she may join the Chamber.

It’s good for people to get involved with the Chamber,” said Ambassador Byrd. “The Chamber looks after small businesses. That’s how the Chamber grows, is with small businesses.”

For more information on programs offered by the North Augusta Chamber of Commerce, and how to join, go to its website:

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