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Coach Darin…Turning your passion…and a need…into a profitable company!

Editor’s Note:
The CSRA is littered with driven people who have turned a “hobby” or “passion” into a business, especially when there is a need.

This week, Arissa Kirk of Healthy Hangout and Amber Connor of Sinless Sweets are opening their own storefronts in Evans after seeing the health effects of their products on friends, family, customers and themselves.

They have inspiration in Bethany Roley of Fierce Fitness and Vibe Yoga and Fitness—who turned her passion into a successful pair of businesses. At age 45, she is still going strong after getting started with Bethany’s Bootcamp in the early 2000’s!

Today, Coach Darin Myers profiles a bookkeeper outside of the Augusta, Georgia market who learned a skill and turned it into a successful business—with the help of TAB—The Alternative Board.

Sports is fun! So is being involved in a retail sports store. Keeping the books for how many shirts, sneakers and basketballs are sold— not so much according to Craig Hibbert!

He was part-owner of a retail sports store for 25 years and bookkeeping was one of his responsibilities, but he admits he had no idea what he was doing. He went back to school and became an approved trainer for QuickBooks and other software programs.

He left the Sporting Goods store and founded “Bookworks” and says he takes great pride in acting as a liaison between the client and their accountant. He’s seen it all, including clients who bring him an avalanche of records in a shoe box!

“I spend most of my time fixing clients’ software messes, as well as training and supporting my clients in a one-on-one situation,” Hibbert said.

He fills the gap between the two worlds of a business owner and an accountant.

“I know that neither one understands the other very well.”

Craig finds value in being involved in The Alternative Board (or TAB) peer group process.

“Members have been crucial in my decisions. Sitting around the Boardroom table with my peers has shown me that I am not alone.  I’ve learned to take more time over my decisions to consider all aspects. I urge all small business owners to seek support and advice from others when and where you need it and, importantly that you act upon that advice,” he added.

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