Sun, May 26, 2024

CSRA Cybersecurity expert talks ransomware protection at ABD Expo

Patrick Reynolds, founder of Cross Link Consulting tackled the Colonial Pipeline Gas crisis at the ABD Expo.

He painted a serious issue and then on video shared some suggestions after getting a few questions from the audience.

“I am not surprised, it is predictable, and it will only increase in the weeks, months, and years ahead. The reality is that in countries such as Russia, there are literally entire cities the size of Augusta and larger that have over 50% of their GDP is comprised of illegal hacking and ransomware stolen money and assets of U.S. businesses and governments. In the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, our federal government’s seemingly tepid response in not pursuing and prosecuting, or at least forcing the issue with the Russian government to bring major reprisals upon a bad actor like DarkSide, unfortunately, predicts an emboldening of them and other bad actors, increasing both cybercriminal activities and target entities and governments.”

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