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CSRA husband and wife team opens junk business!

With the intent of cleaning up their part of the world, The Junkluggers of the CSRA are opening for business this week.

It will be all hands-on deck for the Evans family of Aiken as they launch The Junkluggers of the CSRA. Rob is retired warrant officer from Fort Gordon and will be the operations guy and Kedryn is a marketing whiz and will be the front office person.

Robert and Kedryn Evans of Aiken, have joined one of the fastest growing franchise operations in the country, with a territory that includes Aiken and Augusta (and Columbia County) and dozens of zip codes between and around them. The relatively new national franchise has operations in 29 states and Washington, D.C.

The concept is that you have junk, there are probably lots of things that are “cluttering up your life,” as they say. And Junkluggers have well-trained and well-equipped and clean crews who will come on time, pick up your unwanted items, for an agreed-upon standardized rate and, when they can, donate your “stuff” to a charity and bring you back a receipt good for use at tax time.

Between Rob and Kedryn, they have many years of education and experience, but none of it is in running a business. That’s why when Bob retired from the U.S. Army, the couple decided to go with a franchise that would train them well because the larger company has a stake in how well their family does.

Rob retired from Fort Gordon in 2019 after 27 years of service, leaving as an Ordinance Warrant Officer. It was also after living in the CSRA for several years which swayed them to take this territory when Junkluggers said it was available. They were also offered the Columbia/Lexington territory and other areas in South Carolina. They decided to learn the business first in a manageable sized area with which they are familiar, and the larger territory would be reserved for them when they are ready.

Along with his service, Rob has a Bachelors’ Degree in Management and Kedryn has an Associate’s Degree in Graphics Design.

She will be the company’s only full-time employee, drawing on her marketing and corporate experience. “Kedryn is our creative managing partner. She will concern herself with the office business, marketing, dispatching and bookkeeping,” said Robert.

He will have a dozen duties, like he got used to in the Army, including hiring, training, managing the teams for each truck, maintenance on the trucks and whatever comes up next. Together, they will decide if they are ready for expansion of territory and opportunities. For instance, Junkluggers offers the opportunity to concentrate on “upcycling.” It is not uncommon that one person’s junk can be refurbished and some of its value can be restored. After years of “Lugging” they might decide to hone their craftsmanship skills and make a living with their fingers instead of their backs.

The Staff will grow as the business grows

“We don’t have permanent staff,” explained Rob, “but we have hired four people and will hire more. They work on a regular hourly rate and the number of employees will depend upon the jobs and the growing customer base. When we need extra people, we will hire them. I hire directly, mostly from my posts on Indeed, Facebook and LinkedIn.”

The Junkluggers of the CSRA will pick up your unwanted items and when possible donate those items to charity and bring you the receipt.

Said Kedryn, “It was kind of a leap of faith. What drew us to Junkluggers was their commitment to the community, especially through recycling but in all their corporate policies,” she said.

“We chose the CSRA as our territory because we hope to settle down here,” said Kedryn. “The people are phenomenal, the weather is among the best in the country, and we always wanted to be a part of our community as much as possible. We want to be in community events, donations to local causes, to find other ways to be able to help friends and neighbors, and the many medium-sized communities in the CSRA are of the size where we can make a difference.”

“What we really loved about Junkluggers were their corporate-wide Four Green Guarantees,” said Rob. “First of those are donations and recycling. When we move something our first priority is to donate it to a local charitable organization such as ACTS, Habitat for Humanity or others in our customer’s name. The charities give us a donation receipt in our customers’ name for them to claim as a donation on their taxes. This is a nationwide commitment from Junkluggers. The second promise is On-time Arrival. We promise to show up in a two-hour window that the customer gave us at the time of our appointment. Then we promise Price Insurance, our bill will never be more than the quote we agreed to before the work began, so long as they don’t add anything to what they showed us. The quote is easy to explain and is based upon the percentage of the space taken up in our truck and some other definable variables that will all be decided upon up front. There’s one more guarantee, 100% satisfaction.”

“You’ll soon get used to seeing our big green Junkluggers trucks driving all around the CSRA,” said Rob. “Give us a call, we know you’ve got some junk you want us to haul off for you!”

1-800-Junkluggers – 1-800-584-5865, [email protected],,, Facebook – junkluggersofthecsra

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  • Robert Evans
    Posted September 15, 2021 at 11:20 am

    Thank you, Steve Hale and Augusta Business Daily for the great article

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