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Faith Friday: Realtor accepts the challenge of a stronger seller’s market by activating stronger faith

Helping people create generational wealth through homeownership motivates realtor Tonya Tillman to get out of bed each day.

The divorced mother of two knows what it’s like to have a house that does not actually feel like home after her family structure went from four to three. And when a career in the United States Air Force came to an end, she knew she had to make a way for her and her children to thrive. Real estate became the answer God provided.


“After feeling like I was at the lowest point in my life, I knew God had a better path for me,” Tillman said. “I had to put my faith into action and take control if I wanted more. I started my journey in October 2017 and received my real estate license in February 2018.”

Tonya Tillman says as she continues to put in the work, God continues to provide “everything we need.”

Currently employed with Property Partners, Tillman, 45, is licensed in Georgia and South Carolina. Her face is one of many seen on billboards in different parts of the CSRA.

She admits tension is high in her line of work these days. However, she doesn’t allow competition to get in the way of serving her customers.

Tillman says putting keys into the hands of new homeowners always brings smiles to people’s faces.

“It’s a really strong seller’s market right now, and that can bring out the worst in some people,” Tillman said. “So, I just say a little prayer for everyone. I start my day by saying, ‘Thank you, God,’ and end it the same way! I remind my clients and myself that all interactions and transactions, be they negative or positive, are always steps to getting you closer to where you want to be.”

That mindset sets her apart, she believes and guides her in creating a legacy for her community and children to follow. The Bible calls it leaving an inheritance.

Tillman’s cartoon avatar displays a hashtag she wants people to remember: #Tonya the Realtor.

“It feels good when I say my name and someone smiles,” she said. “It feels good when someone says, ‘Oh, she’s a good agent!’ When people think of me I want them to think of good experiences and know that I will lead them to the right door. It’s simple but I want my kids to understand that you get what you put out in life. If you put out good, you get good, but if you put out bad you will get bad in return.”

The Bible calls that sowing and reaping. Tillman wants her clients to feel good about the sale or purchase of their house so they can turn it into an actual home.

For more information on Tonya Tillman’s real estate services, through Property Partners, call 803-443-9457 or 706-755-0402. Or, you can email

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