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Free Access: Real Talk Real Estate: Will CSRA trends in the volatile housing market?

So much is happening in this market since interest rate changes were initiated to cause a market correction in house and inflation. Personally, I feel like they are overcorrecting, but I am reminding myself, as I often do, that it is not my monkey and not my circus!

But some life lessons are sure and constant, like being proactive and not reactive. We are seeing a reactive response where a proactive one would have been a much better idea. This applies to all aspects of business and life! Whether you are raising children, building a business, or preparing for a large life reset, remember that it is better to be proactive and not reactive in all situations.

I’ll give you the details of our current real estate situation and you can judge for yourself. Historically, we have not seen the same exaggerated conditions that the nation experiences when we are talking about real estate-related concerns. I am wondering if the CSRA will continue to do the same or fall into the national norm?


For these numbers, they include combined residential sales for the counties of Aiken, Edgefield, McCormick, Burke, Columbia, Richmond, McDuffie, and Lincoln.

Currently active homes for sale: 731
Listed last 24 hours: 70
New construction: 237
Resale home: 494

Currently pending homes for sale: 1847
Pending last 7 days: 300
New construction: 607
Resale: 1240

Closed sales last 30 days: 888
Closed last 5 days: 72
New construction: 96
Resale: 792

Will the new interest rates, currently near 6 percent, take a toll on our numbers over the next 45 days? Only time will tell. Check back with us in a few weeks, as we closely watch what shift we see in these numbers concerning supply and demand and if there is a noticeable difference in the overall values.

For more information on your specific county and area statistics, please email or text me and I will send you one directly.

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