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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Lessons Learned: Mr. Smith of Smith’s Chevron

Publisher’s Note: Former Advanced Services For Pest Control CEO, Jeff Annis has been a mentor to many in the CSRA. He learned many lessons along the way about the importance of passing on his gifts. One such person he learned from is Tommy Smith, who retired a few days ago, after running Smith’s Chevron on Walton Way Extension and Wheeler Road since the 1980’s. Yesterday, he dropped off the following letter of thanks and drove his car to Smith’s Chevron one last time.

Dear Mr. Smith:

I don’t think I know a business more universally loved and admired than Smith’s Chevron.

You and your team have kept up all the old-fashioned ways of treating people like neighbors and friends. You have saved us when our tires went flat or our radiators overflowed. You never turned anyone away. You were dedicated to getting people fixed up and on the way.

I pulled in with a car that cost me next to nothing, and something was not working and you fixed it even though I was a stranger to you.

Over my lifetime, I have heard dozens of similar stories from our friends and neighbors. You were always fair and you seemed to care about everyone.

Your exemplary treatment of others showed the values of yourself and your team. Your kindness and professionalism showed us who you are at our heart.

Congratulations on your future endeavors as a no-longer-overworked person. You deserve peace, fun, enjoyment, and love. I am sure you will stay busy and happy. Call me if you need any assistance NOT WORKING! I admire you and what you built to benefit all of us.

–Jeff Annis

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