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Local entrepreneurs pedal fun experiences into the CSRA

Anthony Jones and his wife, Charity loved pedaling around Atlanta and Nashville on a bar on wheels so much that they decided to bring the business concept to Augusta.

In early Dec. 2022, the couple, along with Charity’s sister, Syderist Manuel, launched Pedal Pub Augusta located at 305 12th St.

“We always went outside of Augusta to do fun activities, so we decided to bring a little more fun to Augusta, the city we love,” Anthony said.

They have two 15-passenger bikes that they use to take customers on 90-minute rides throughout the city, such as bar crawls. He said they also rent them out for various occasions, such as birthday parties, family reunions, corporate events, and team-building exercises.

“We’ve had a bachelorette party, and she rented both bikes,” Anthony said.

The bikes are equipped with a pedal-assist motor, which makes the ride much easier for passengers. For those who can’t or prefer not to pedal, they have up to five non-pedal seats.

“You get a pilot and a helper,” he said. “Once you get going, it feels good; it’s a way to burn off some extra calories.”

They provide water for their passengers, who are allowed to bring food and other non-alcoholic drinks on the bike. Anthony said they’re currently working with the city on allowing them to drink alcohol while they pedal.

“We patronize our local bar partners,” he said. “We also do a sightseeing tour for people 12 and older.”

On the rides, they take passengers to various picture stops, such as the James Brown statue and mural.

“They post pictures on their social media sites, and we do the same on ours,” Anthony said.

During the winter, business was naturally slow, but as the weather has improved, it has increased significantly. Early next month, he said they hope to open a bar and food truck at their business and incorporate food into some of their ride packages.

“We try to create a fun and unforgettable experience,” Anthony said.

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