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Mobile security options

Say, you have a job where you will be out and about and away from a secure internal network and want to know how you can protect your system better.

One option that you can consider is a product called Firewalla. This is an affordable way to add extra protection to your network when you are on the go. This company produces a number of different products to meet your specific needs, but the concept of the product is that it gives you a way to connect to Wi-Fi through your home router even when you are not home, giving you an added level of protection.

Services like Nord VPN are another option, but can be costly and can come with their own set of challenges to security and I do not recommend these because of those security issues.

Let me explain a little bit about how Firewalla works. Say, you are at a coffee shop and need to connect to public Wi-Fi. When you are connected to the Wi-Fi and your Firewalla device, you can then tunnel your website data through your home router through the network, then back to your computer. This protects your data from ever leaving your personal network.

In addition to using these protections, you need to use safe browsing practices like making sure that your browser bar shows http(s) before the website that you are looking to navigate to, the “S” shows that it is secured with an added level of security protection that comes directly from the website itself. These extra steps can really go a long way to protecting your network from breaches.

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