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Local investor seeks partnerships with real estate agents

A local, professional house buyer is looking for win-win relationships with real estate agents.

Paul Myers, a local real estate investor and owner of Myers House Buyers, buys homes for cash. He speaks to brokerages and groups of agents about topics that bring them value on a monthly or quarterly basis. Topics range from his personal story of financial stewardship, to getting started in real estate investing, as well as professional sales training. Myers held one of these meetings in the ABD boardroom on Wednesday, March 2. About 15 real estate agents attended.

“I love the way he was so passionate about helping people learn and grow and whatever vein of real estate ventures would help them achieve financial freedom,” said Shawna Woodward from ReMax Reinvented—an ABD thought leader.

Myers utilizes his speaking engagements to serve real estate agents all across the CSRA.

“First of all, I want to add value to the lives of all 2,200+ licensed, real estate professionals in the CSRA. Secondly, I want to stay top-of-mind with agents. If real estate agents do not know how we can help them with their distressed properties, why should they ever call us?

He encourages agents to bring him their distressed homes or even distressed listings. If so, the agent can write Myers House Buyers offer, and receive both the listing and sales sides of the commission from the seller. His company buys and sells homes throughout most of the CSRA, and spends each month to send postcards to potential home sellers.

“We buy in the 12 zip codes of the CSRA.” he said. “We may not offer the highest price, but we do offer speed and convenience. Speed looks like a closing in 2-3 weeks. Convenience could be mean literally dozens of things: no showings with buyers, no cleaning up for showings, no pictures online, no financing or financing contingencies, no appraisal or appraisal contingencies, a proof of funds, a reputable buyer, an offer within 24 hours of allowing us to view the home, no repairs, etc.

In the meeting, Myers also discussed how he works closely with other local real estate investors, many of whom buy houses from him. Dean Grizzaffi, an agent with Blanchard and Calhoun Real Estate, is particularly interested in that topic.

“I learned different ways to work with our investors,” Grizzaffi said. “It gives our investors more opportunities.”

For more information, visit or call 706-607-525.

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