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Meet the “go-to” woman at Clifton Construction

Name: Diane Coughlin
Company/Title: Office Mgr. and Project Manager Asst.
Years Served: Clifton Construction for 25 years
Phone: 706-731-0978
Email: [email protected]

Diane Coughlin wears many hats for Clifton, an Augusta commercial general contractor in business for 35 years. She’s been with the company for 25 years and is involved in the bidding process, qualifications, compiles the construction plans, secures pricing from sub-contractors, documents everything and makes sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed, meets deadlines, handles Human Resources, and serves as Office Manager.

Despite the workload, Clifton Construction Company is her happy place.

“It’s hectic, but I love challenges and I believe God put me here,” she explained. “The Christian values and family atmosphere are a perfect fit for me.”

Coughlin’s other role at Clifton is “fixer” or the “go-to” when someone has a problem, whether an employee, client, subcontractor, or supplier.

“When someone is in need, whether work or family-related, our philosophy is to help them,” she said. “I’ve been there so long, I’m the person they come to, just as owners Steve Clifton, and his son, Rob Clifton, have done for me and so many others.”

Her boss is aware of what she brings to the table.

“She is the glue that binds our company, a “mother” figure to many, and through her HR role, has become a trustful ear to all,” said CEO, Rob Clifton.

Coughlin is good with that position. She describes herself as someone who “likes to fix stuff and help people.”

The tables were turned on Coughlin last year when both she and her daughter were hospitalized with covid. The Clifton’s compassion came through for her and her family in a big way.

“For me, it resulted in a blood clot, internal bleeding, loss of vision in one eye, and loss of my hair,” Coughlin said. “My Clifton family prayed for me and were so supportive of both me and my family.”

Resilience, determination, and dedication are part of her DNA. She was the last of seven children in her family. Her mom worked in the restaurant industry and her dad was in construction.

Coughlin hails from Holland, Mich., the land of tulips and Dutch dancing. She never missed a Tulip Time celebration. Coughlin worked in the textile industry before moving to Augusta and finding her so-called “dream job” with Clifton Construction.

“A friend recommended I apply at Clifton. Twenty-five years later, I still love working there,” she said. “As a single mom, I’ve been able to do and be where I needed to be for my kids. They are great people, like a family, like a rock for me.”

The feeling is mutual.

According to Rob Clifton, “Diane’s dedication is a key to our success. She is a massive contributor to the long tenure of our employees and the repeat customers we have.”

After all this time, she still finds fun in her work as well.

“I loved working on the Harley Davidson building project,” Coughlin said. “I also enjoy finding the right hires for Clifton, even though it is a challenge at times.”

Coughlin works some long hours but keeps her priorities straight: faith and family first. She feels certain that God put her where He wants her to be.

It appears there is a correlation between Coughlin’s role at Clifton Construction and the famous flower she admired growing up in Michigan. Tulips are loved and described as a comfortable flower choice. They are not too elegant, too romantic, too big, too small, or too bright; the tulip is always just right. They are like a favorite pair of jeans or your mom’s fresh-baked cookies in that the meaning of tulips expresses genuine coziness and comfort in all the right ways.

That analogy describes Diane Coughlin and her position at Clifton Construction to a crossed “T”.

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  • Donna
    Posted June 14, 2022 at 10:06 am

    That is my youngest sister Diane! Great article, described her exactly! We sure miss her not being in Michigan. Love her

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