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Payroll strategies can greatly benefit your business

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In the intricate tapestry of payrolling, staffing companies emerge as a dynamic strategy for companies seeking flexibility and efficiency in managing short-term or specialized projects. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of payrolling, shedding light on its advantages and the scenarios where companies can harness its potential.

What is Payrolling?

Payrolling, or as we like to refer to it at Manpower, Wagemaster, is a staffing solution where companies enlist the services of a staffing agency to seamlessly integrate pre-selected candidates into short-term or highly specialized projects. This strategic partnership allows organizations to delegate the traditional time and costs associated with employment administration to a specialized agency, streamlining the process and enhancing overall project management.

Benefits of Payrolling

Cost efficiency: One of the key advantages of payrolling is its cost efficiency. Companies utilizing this service can enjoy lower bill rates compared to traditional contract or temporary employment services. This is because the time and overhead costs typically linked with recruiting are absorbed by the business, as they are bringing preselected candidates to the service.

Time commitment outsourcing: By designating the payrolling agency as the employer of record, companies can offload the time commitment associated with employment administration. This includes weekly timesheet collection and payroll processing, I-9, W-2, and W-4 compliance management, background and drug screening, and other administrative tasks.

Comprehensive compliance management: Wagemaster services encompass comprehensive compliance management, covering areas such as health insurance and other benefits, as well as the handling of Medicare, Social Security, FUTA, SUTA, Workers’ Comp, and all local payroll taxes. This ensures that companies can focus on their core projects while remaining compliant with all employment regulations.

Diverse application scenarios: Manpower payrolling proves versatile in meeting the needs of various companies. Examples range from small start-ups with intermittent consulting needs to large enterprises aiming to fulfill diversity supplier requirements. Whether adding specialized talent for projects or re-engaging retirees for consulting purposes, manpower payrolling adapts to diverse scenarios.

Case Studies of Manpower Payrolling Success

Startup consulting firm: A small start-up consulting firm, lacking the setup and bandwidth for payroll administration, seamlessly pays consultants through payrolling services as needed.

Health insurance client: A large health insurance client utilizes Wagemaster to fulfill annual diversity spend and diversity supplier requirements, benefitting from the agency’s certified WBE status (Manpower Franchise in the Augusta region is a woman-owned business).

A chemical production client: A mid-sized Chemical production client leverages payrolling services to add highly specialized talent to intermittent projects and engage retirees for consulting needs.

Laser design firm: A large laser design firm turns to Wagemaster when deploying highly skilled mechanical engineers for on-site set-up and training, ensuring the success of their projects, and allowing highly skilled talent to develop multiple locations’ needs rather than being strapped down to one facility.

Government and Unions: Much like the chemical plant payrolling, Government and Unions often use the option for part-time retirees who can no longer go back on the company payroll directly, but still have a lot to offer whether it be training or short-term projects.

In the realm of strategic staffing solutions, payrolling emerges as a powerful tool for companies aiming to optimize their workforce for short-term or specialized projects. By partnering with a payrolling agency, organizations can navigate the complexities of employment administration with ease, unlocking cost efficiencies and focusing on what they do best—delivering successful projects in a streamlined and compliant manner.

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