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Real Talk Real Estate: ‘Tis the Season to be moving: The whys and wherefores of holiday relocations

Ah, the holiday season—the time for chestnuts roasting on an open fire, sleigh bells jingling, and, apparently, the clatter of moving boxes being taped up. Who in their right mind, you may ask, decides to uproot their life during a season known for festive cheer and an unhealthy amount of fruitcake? Well, dear reader, grab a cup of cocoa and join me on a whimsical journey into the world of those who move during the holidays and the reasons behind their yuletide relocations.

The Merry Mavericks – Job Relocators:

While the rest of us are sipping eggnog and pretending to enjoy awkward office parties, some brave souls are putting their careers first. Job relocations during the holidays? Why not? Nothing says “I’m dedicated” like hauling boxes while everyone else is decking the halls. Although some individuals may not have a lot of choice in the matter,  job relocations often don’t adhere to a specific time frame, leading some to coincide with the holiday season, not by choice!

Festive Family Fugitives:

Picture this: Uncle Jerry’s infamous fruitcake, Aunt Mildred’s questionable green bean casserole, and a loud and off-tune chorus of holiday karaoke. For some, the only escape is a full-blown relocation. Whether it’s to dodge the family drama or simply seek a silent night, these holiday fugitives pack their bags and bid adieu to the inescapable chaos. The bottom line is that changes in family dynamics, such as marriage, divorce, or the addition of new family members, can prompt people to move during the holidays.


Jingle Bells and Academic Swells:

For those dreaming of a white Christmas and not just in Bing Crosby’s sense, the holiday season is the perfect time for a new start. Families with school-aged children might choose to move during the holidays to minimize disruption to their children’s academic schedules. I can’t leave out the older students so move over, sleigh bells; it’s time for the jingle of college degree scrolls! These December grads are creating their own musical masterpiece as they march to the tune of “Jingle Degrees,” spreading academic joy with every step and starting a career somewhere far from campus.

In the grand tapestry of life, some choose to weave their holiday season into the fabric of a moving truck and others have no choice. So, the next time you spot a moving truck on your street this Christmas, say a prayer for the brave souls embracing change during the season of carolers and gingerbread houses.

Wishing you a joyous holiday season, wherever your tinsel-covered journey may take you!

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