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Thu, September 28, 2023

Both Doc’s Porchside locations now open for business

Doc’s Porchside replaced Wild Wing Café at 3035 Washington Road in Augusta and 5147 Bluegrass Trail in Grovetown. The Augusta location opened on Wednesday, Aug. 18, while the Grovetown location opened two days earlier.

Bryan Hensley misses the wings at Wild Wing Café, but he just discovered Redneck Egg Rolls at Doc’s Porchside.

Doc’s replaced Wild Wing’s two CSRA locations in Grovetown and Augusta, which closed July 31. Hensley visited the Grovetown location, which opened Monday, Aug. 16, at 5147 Bluegrass Trail near Kroger. “Doc’s Porchside has the great atmosphere and a variety of awesome foods, including Redneck Egg Rolls,” – a unique combination of pulled pork, pimento cheese, and collard greens, he states. The Augusta location at 3035 Washington Road opened on Wednesday, Aug. 18. The eatery has an extensive menu, which includes steaks, seafood, burgers, and salads, as well as a variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Bryan Hensley strongly recommends the Redneck Egg Rolls – one of the restaurant’s appetizers.

My fiancée, Rebecca, and I visited the Augusta location on Friday, Aug. 20 at about 7 p.m. For some reason, and don’t ask me why, it never occurred to me Doc’s would be crowded. As we circled the parking lot in search of an empty space, I remembered how busy Wild Wing used to be on Friday nights. When we went inside, we found several people waiting for tables. Some grew tired of waiting and left. As a journalist on assignment, I didn’t have that option. We waited about an hour for a table, which gave me plenty of time to look around the restaurant and observe how it appears much the same as it always has. When we got to our table, we decided to order appetizers. Rebecca chose fried green tomatoes – a dish I would only eat if I was starving – and I ordered chips and queso. Rebecca says hers was delicious, and I took her word for it. Mine was tasty as well, but we were both full by the time our meals arrived.

Doc’s serves a variety of items, including steaks, burgers, salads, and seafood. My fiancée, Rebecca, ordered shrimp and grits, while I had the pulled pork plate.

I ordered a pulled pork plate, which came with two sides. I chose broccoli – a healthy option – and cheese grits – a less healthy option. Everything was delicious, and I had enough pulled pork to enjoy the next day. The food was definitely worth the wait, and the prices were reasonable. Rebecca enjoyed her shrimp and grits. Again, I took her word for it. I love grits, but I don’t eat shrimp. As you can probably tell, I’m somewhat of a picky eater. We vowed to order the Redneck Egg Rolls next time. Even I will try those.

Doc’s Porchside was developed by Wild Wing Café franchise owners, Jan “Doc” and Tricie Scholer. “We had a fantastic opening this week,” says Tricie. “Our guests really seemed to enjoy themselves, and the restaurant was filled with laughter.” For more information, visit

Editor’s Note: The Scholers chose not to renew its franchise agreement with Wild Wing Café after 19 years and kept the buildings for their new venture. Wild Wing Corporate sent ABD its drawings for the new prototypical café and have been negotiating with developers off of the Riverwatch Parkway to re-enter the Augusta market in 2022.

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