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Competing brands go head to head in Evans shopping center

DJR’s Water Ice Company is moving into one side of the shopping center outside of the Riverwood subdivision. Less than 50 yards away in a different part of the center, Vampire Penguin’s Shaved Snow and Desserts is also getting ready to open.

Next to DJR’s is Ocean Nails. Near Vampire Penguin is Sky Nail Salon.

How could this happen? Both ends of the shopping center are owned and managed by different companies and even called by different names—one the Market at Riverwood and the other the Riverwood Town Center. That means it is almost impossible to have a true “exclusivity” in the overall center.

Then there is the well-documented case of Rooted Coffeehouse at the far end of the Market at Riverwood— very close to Starbucks. Rooted is part of the center and Starbucks bought an outparcel of land—owned by a different developer.

There’s only one real certainty in the shopping center(s) outside of the Riverwood Subdivision. It’s unlikely another grocery store would be allowed or would want to compete with Publix—but apparently anything is possible.

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