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Monday, June 5, 2023

Free Access: Cyber Tips: Stopping the email phishing hack

One of the most common threat vectors to your business cybersecurity is through email. Hackers have used this method of infiltration for years because it has been so effective.

A practical example of a local incident came from an organization who was expecting an invoice and when they clicked on the link in the email, it launched a script from Germany that started to run on their network. We were able to stop the attack in under 60 seconds and isolate it in under 10 minutes. Without an effective plan in place, this attempt could have been much worse.

With email phishing attempts all around, you may be wondering how do you beat these criminals? Well today, I want to share a few simple things your organization can do to increase your security posture.

Your best defense is to have an effective training process in place for your organization. We can help you put together a personalized plan for your specific needs and help to test users and educate them on best practices. There are even ways to track habitual offenders in your organization and educate them on how to be better prepared in their response to phishing attempts.

Your next defense to protect your organization is to have great spam filters that use URL re-writes to block attempts when links are clicked on. This software will redirect harmful URLs to a safe location when a user clicks on corrupt links.

Email is such a common part of today’s workplace environment and it could be easy to feel overwhelmed by the cybersecurity risk, but you have a friend in the IT and Cybersecurity space in Cross Link Consulting. Allow us to be your partner and protect your organization. It is worth it to spend a little now to prevent an attack than to spend a whole lot later to fix a gap that your organization left by a lack of solid protection.

Below is a video I created for more details on email phishing attempts.

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