Wed, February 21, 2024

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As the days get longer, now is an excellent time to complete a few home maintenance tasks before it gets unbearably hot outside.

One of the first things you should do is clean out the gutters. The best practice is to remove all leaves, pine needles, and any other debris that has accumulated. We get a lot of rain in the spring, so you want to make sure the gutters and downspouts are not blocked. Clogged gutters can be the main cause of damage to siding, interior ceilings, and property foundations.

Next, I recommend having your HVAC professionally cleaned and serviced. It will help the air conditioning unit perform best in the summer. Changing the filter every 30 days is also important to extend the life span of the unit. When selling or buying a home, having records for this maintenance is important, so keep copies of the receipts!

Things like power washing the exterior of your home can help retain its value.


Another thing to consider is power washing the exterior. With all the moisture we had this past winter, and limited sunshine to dry it out, a lot of mildew will have formed. When you are spring cleaning inside, remember to spend some time cleaning the outside as well.

Lastly, homeowners should seal around windows, doors, and trim outside and inside your home. Caulking is a technique used to protect your home from water intrusion and caulk is available at any hardware store. This is something I find very few homeowners do, and you may have never heard of it.  It is very easy to do yourself and will make everything look fresh and well kept.

Often, people will mistake areas that have not been caulked as signs of structural damage. If your home has stucco anywhere, this should be of the highest priority to you. Stucco must stay sealed to stay dry.

If you have anything at your home you would like advice on in regards to maintenance issues that help add value to your home, please feel free to call me anytime! My advice is always free.

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