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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Protect your business with an SRA

All businesses want to make sure that their budgets are used as effectively as possible throughout the year. One great way to ensure that your organization is headed in the right direction is through a Security Risk Assessment. This assessment is useful for protecting your business physically and from a cybersecurity standpoint. It could reveal the need for security cameras, locate your highly sensitive information and establish a plan to protect it. It can also protect your organization from a cybersecurity standpoint. It could locate areas where you can improve your system to prevent a costly breach.

Medical clients protected by the Cross Link Consulting process for Security Risk Assessments are connected with a 3rd party who is a neutral organization, but who is equally committed to protecting your business. They come in and assess your business for holes in the security process and offer plans of action. We then work with you to properly allocate your security budget throughout the year to help keep your business as safe as possible throughout the year. Allocating first to those most urgent areas, then to those that are less urgent. We want to help you spend your budget wisely to keep you protected.

If you would like to have a Security Risk Assessment, give us a call at 803-279-1100 or email us at

I have also created this video for you to further explain.

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