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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Tech Alert: How safe is portable data storage?

Say you need to take data with you, but you are also concerned about keeping your data safe. One of the best ways to do this is by using an encrypted drive with a thumbprint reader. The thumbprint section of the drive is encrypted with AES256 encryption which is the Advanced Encryption Standard and is secure.

These drives can be used in several ways. You can set it up where you have a part of the reader accessible when you plug it in without encryption and the other part of the data is only accessible if you use your thumbprint to read the encrypted data or you can also set it up where you have to use your thumbprint to access any data on the drive.  It can be as encrypted or as open as you need. These drives are affordable and are priced at a modest $30-$50 depending on the storage size of the device.

Should someone get access to this drive, they would be able to erase the data, but they couldn’t decrypt or see the data.

Below is an example of one such reader. This is a Lexar 64G drive that goes for around $30.

So, if you are concerned about security and need some portable storage, keep these tips in mind when making your decision of what drive to choose. If you need additional tips on how to keep all your data safe when on the go, let Cross Link Consulting help walk you through the process. We want to be your friendly IT company that is there for you when you need help with all things IT and Cybersecurity.

We created a video for more information, and you can check it out here.

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