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Monday, June 5, 2023

Tech Alert: The risky business of medical info security

The CSRA has a large medical community with many specific regulations put on their daily operations. Due to those regulations, the process of protecting your network can get complicated. Many organizations could benefit from an expert going through the process with you to create and implement the proper plan.

The first step in the security planning process comes from an annual Risk Assessment. This assessment will find vulnerabilities in your system specifically geared toward the medical environment. Once you find these vulnerabilities, it is important to assess what is most critical and address those issues first. It is important to remember that the more security measures that you implement, the more it impedes your productivity.

Medical security and data loss prevention is really a team effort. Work with your IT professionals and your medical staff together to ensure you are properly protected, but also properly equipped to care for your patients.

Cross Link Consulting specializes in medical Annual Risk Assessments. We work with you and your team to create the best and most efficient process to meet your security and productivity needs. It is important that you run these assessments each year, because the security environment is ever-evolving and an annual assessment can keep your network and processes secure.

For more information, we created this short video about medical IT security.

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