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Expo Preview: Cross Link Consulting

Company: Cross Link Consulting
Contact: Patrick Reynolds
Phone: 803-279-1100
Address: 619 Edgefield Road, North Augusta, SC

If you have spent any amount of time reading ABD articles, you have come across the helpful IT and Cybersecurity tips from loyal ABD supporter, Patrick Reynolds at Cross Link Consulting. Even though you are aware of the brand, we want to go behind-the-scenes to tell the story of what makes Cross Link Consulting such a great company.

To best understand any company, one must understand the founder and their reason for starting the organization.

Should you sit down with Patrick for lunch you would notice that he is not shy about his faith in God personally or professionally. An example of this faith was recognized early on in his career.

While working in the dining room at Burger King cleaning the seating area, he noticed a French fry shoved way back underneath a corner in one of the benches. It looked like it had been there for a while. He stopped to think about this for a moment and pondered the correct way to respond to seeing this fry. Should he take the time to dislodge the fry or leave it as many others had done previously. It was then that Patrick recognized a profound truth about himself: though no one would ever know if he skipped it, he would know. It matters to him to do the right thing even when no one is watching. He got down on hands and knees and cleaned out the fry.

While that self-awareness was an early guide, Patrick’s reason for doing the right thing has continued to grow and mature. He operates with the clear understanding that this is what the Lord has called him to do, so he does it faithfully for that audience of one. When it comes to IT and cyber, he recognizes that he and his staff are gifted in these areas, and that we are not gifted to build wealth and exit the workforce as early as possible. Instead, he believes that our gifts and our abundances are a blessing from above, to be shared humbly with our neighbors and communities. He leads Cross Link with the unique perspective that winning the trust of a new client allows him and his team to pour resources into that client, offering a much greater return on their investment than the client could have imagined.

Whether your organization invests in an IT employee or an IT / cybersecurity vendor, Patrick recognizes that they will have full and inscrutable access to your data. That is why he strives to hire employees and leaders who recognize that their gifts are to be used humbly in service to others. He believes in looking into the person beneath the degrees and credentials to find their values and what drives them.

Cross Link Consulting team and founder, Patrick Reynolds

As your friendly neighborhood IT and Cyber Security experts, Cross Link Consulting helps in a few areas.

As you have learned from weekly Tech Alerts and in our Tech Biz Tips, IT management is a must for any organization looking to make sure their network is running smoothly. The team at Cross Link recognize that it is an investment to work with an IT and cybersecurity partner, but they strive to pay for themselves by increasing productivity and minimizing downtime. They proactively tackle problems before downtime occurs, and they are just a phone call away for any other technological dilemmas. The protections and best practices that they implement include the best backup solutions, Phishing protections, and breach monitoring – further preventing problems before they occur.

With cyber-attacks becoming more and more prevalent, every company must have a plan and security measures in place to combat these attacks.

Cross Link Consulting performs annual security assessments for businesses where their team comes in to review your current security needs and assess if your annual budget is being allocated most efficiently based on the most immediate needs of the organization. Resources aren’t unlimited, and everything can’t be first, so a triage approach is required to tackle the most pressing needs timely. They also work with customers to come up with a plan of action should a breach occur.

It is sobering to see Federal organizations and Fortune 500 companies being breached. The threats of Malware, spyware, hacks, and ransomware can be overwhelming when you think about the fact that so many cyberattacks occur each day. With Cross Link Consulting’s expert techniques, they help manage the threats and give you a plan of action for training and execution should a breach occur.

For instance, Cross Link’s team recently stopped a breach at a local accounting firm that proved invisible even to best-in-class antivirus / EDR software. Cross Link’s analysts were alerted and investigated within minutes and were able to stop and isolate the breach in under 10 minutes, before any data could leave the building. Had it been another 30 minutes, it is very likely that sensitive data would have made its way to the Dark Web, sold to the highest bidder. Without the proper protections in place, this incident would have resulted in thousands of our neighbors’ data ending up in the hands of cyber criminals.

The mission of Cross Link Consulting is clear, they want to go that extra mile to provide their customers with the best customer service possible. They want to be your friendly IT and Cyber Security provider who really cares about every detail of your business. They have the tools to secure your system from hackers and maintain your system with the latest technology and tools to keep your network running smoothly.

Don’t miss your chance to speak to Patrick Reynolds and his team at our upcoming Expo on May 17th to discuss your specific business needs. They will be positioned on the veranda outside the WOW! Club and they look forward to speaking with you.

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