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Free Access: Real Talk Real Estate: Thinking about renting your home for next Masters Week? Start now!

It is Masters Week here in Augusta and the weekend is upon us! There is a major buzz about Tiger playing after his accident. He brings such excitement to the course even for those who are not into golf!

Half the town is doing something related to the tournament and the other half has left to enjoy Spring Break. I honestly think that since so many Augusta residents go to Disney this week, we should get a special admission rate!

Do you fit into this scenario somehow? Maybe you have never considered either of these options for your Augusta Spring Break. This is a perfect time to plan for next year.

Relocating to Augusta brings a new option for homeowners that is not readily available in most locations. Here, you have an option to rent your home for a week and that income is currently non-taxable.

This is how so many people fund special home projects or a vacation. The lure is intriguing, the commitment exhausting and the financial reward, well, that depends on you!

Here are a few pointers to those who are itching to experience hosting Masters patrons.

First, you need to go ahead and list your home now for next year! There are multiple hospitality companies with websites, the local Masters Housing Authority and the newly famous Airbnb are good to start on.

I recommend you do some research and find some advertised homes that are similar to yours, so you can decide on the price you want to list your home for. Homes are generally booked by the end of the summer for the next golf tournament. This doesn’t mean there are no last-minute options or confirmations later in the year. I would expect most regular housing options to be secured by November.

When you rent your home out, you should be paid upfront. Make sure you have a clause in your rental agreement that addresses the risk to the renter and that the money is non-refundable. I say this because you will use all that money before your renters get here, and if they don’t come, you don’t want to be responsible for coming up with the money to return to them!

Use the funds you receive to get your home ready, book a place to go for spring break, and make 100 percent sure you secure a place for your pets to stay during Masters Week! The pet boarding places book up well in advance and you cannot leave them at the house!

Hopefully, you have been to a vacation house before so you know what you are getting yourself into. You will need to have your home spotlessly clean, nice fresh linens and towels for your guests, and everything inside and outside your home in excellent working order. Most hospitality organizations you rent through will give you a list of expectations and requirements to prepare for the week. This is where all the rest of your money will go!

Some best practices in my opinion are to provide welcome baskets for your guests, housekeeping services to keep an eye on the home, a list of emergency contacts and details, and important home information, like your Wi-Fi password!

Hopefully, this will help you decide the best way to spend your 2023 Spring Break!

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