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Monday, June 5, 2023

Job opportunities tomorrow at Fort Gordon and across U.S Army footprint

If you or someone you know has a security clearance, there may be a good fit for job opportunities. A virtual hiring fair is being organized by a staffing contractor for Fort Gordon and the U.S Army.

Transition Careers, LLC founder and CEO Jason Semerakis tells ABD that active duty, reserve, national guard, military retirees and civilians with experience in defense, engineering, IT, cyber and intelligence are encouraged to register and participate. Active or current (used within 24 months) security clearance issued by the U.S. federal government is REQUIRED for job seekers to participate.

“Jobseekers must pre-register and submit their resume. In addition to jobs located at Fort Gordon, there will be jobs available nationwide as well,” said Semerakis.

To participate, jobseekers need to go to to RSVP and upload their resumes. Semerakis said even if you can’t attend during the 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (EDT) time slot, those interested should still register and upload their resume anyway. During the virtual event on August 4, interviewees will be able to chat with local and national employers, network, and participate in online interviews conducted by hiring managers and recruiters via chat and video.

For more information, jobseekers are invited to email questions to and employers are asked to email

A different perspective

Patrick Reynolds (far end of room with burgundy shirt) presiding over a team building meeting for Cross Link Consulting support staff

Patrick Reynolds, the founder and CEO of Cross Link Consulting and an ABD strategic partner says requiring a security clearance can be a Catch-22 for some jobseekers, but many local IT positions only require a clean background check and exemplary work history.

“This is true for Cross Link Consulting, an Augusta-based IT and Cybersecurity firm serving local businesses and governments with a staff comprised of both civilian and former-military staff,” said Reynolds.

For their clients, industry certifications and continuing education meet the requirements for employment, along with their unique servant-hearted approach to IT. Even with that, their team only hires the top 1% of applicants. Reynolds advises jobseekers to build and maintain a portfolio of accomplishments, highlighting what you have done rather than just the training that you have.

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