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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Real Talk Real Estate: Buying or building? The struggle is real

My husband and I are in a new phase of life. We have found ourselves straddling life as empty nesters, but knew our current home couldn’t house our future. About 2 years ago, we decided it was time to make a move. In all honesty, I didn’t want to do it! Being a realtor, I am intimately aware of the hard work it takes to find a home and move. If you are familiar with the enneagrams, I am a 1 wing 9 and like to declare myself as a recovering perfectionist. So, in the search for a home, guess how many I liked?

Zero. I’m picky, just like most buyers.

Fast forward to February 2022. Some friends were selling their home that seemed like a great fit, but it just wasn’t for us. I know some of you have found yourself in this place. Ready to move, but nothing worth the effort of moving!

This was the catalyst that pushed us to build a home we designed for ourselves. Can you relate? If so, I wanted to share this experience with you.

We are almost finished building our new home in Evans. We picked an available lot in a highly sought-after community in March of 2022 and started working on plans. Because of the lot size, we needed a plan that fit the lot. I know so many people dream of land and more space, but truthfully, I want neighbors and a low-maintenance yard. This then means, there are setback lines that matter. It took until May 2022 to get the plans finished.

The next step was to have the plan that we designed, priced to build so we could get a contract together and get building permits. This is the second time we have had a home built, so we were experienced, but not ready for the price tag! Honestly, I should have known it would cost more than I expected. I tell people this all the time. If you go this route, be prepared because it is more expensive than buying a resale home. Also, some style homes are more costly to build, so adjust your plans if needed.

FINALLY, in September of 2022, our home was started! This is the most exciting part of the process, seeing the dirt move and the build begin. We had an anticipated completion date of April 2023. This starts the conversation of selling the home we are currently living in. When is the right time to sell? I have helped people sell right away and I have helped people sell right before the new home is finished. For me, I wanted to wait, and I needed a LOT of time to get my house ready to sell.

I wish I could say I handled selling well, but I didn’t. I wanted to make everything perfect and drove my family crazy! I said I am a “recovering” perfectionist, not recovered! The struggle is real.

To help myself, I had a realtor friend come look at my house and let me know if I was ready to list it and how my pricing sounded. I am a realtor who got the advice and perspective of another realtor. It’s funny.

Anyhow, in March of 2023, we listed our home for sale, and it is currently under contract. Now, as I write this, I am in the process of packing and moving out of my home. The excitement is big, but I wasn’t ready for the sadness that I felt as I prepare to let this home go.

Fifteen years have flown by here and it is hard to say goodbye, but we are so blessed to be looking forward to moving into a home we designed just for us sometime in June of 2023. And the best part, a grandbaby in July to help us fill the space with amazing moments that celebrate the fabulous life we have built together.

Bottom line, I think building is a great option for the next phase of homeownership when you are having trouble finding what you want on the market. I hope that if you get the chance to build a home, first off, you’ll call a good realtor to help you navigate the process and secondly, you can afford all you are dreaming of!

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